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About Sophie

I first started sewing, and being interested in what fabric could do, somewhere in my teenage years. I feel like I've always sewn and had a desire to create my own style or look with manipulating fabrics. I recently re-found a very old diary of mine and at the age of 14, I had written,

"in the future I want people to wear the clothes I make."


And now they do, which is the most incredible feeling. 

After graduating from Dartington College of Arts with a Theatre degee - theatre-making being my other passion in life - I spent some time having my creative writing performed and published and enjoying that exploration of creativity. 

Then I did some very dull jobs for a time.

And after a while I said to myself - where is this going? What could you be doing with the actual skills that you have? 

So I handed in my notice and started my sewing business - it was pretty much just like that.

That was in 2013, and since then I have done a lot of creating.

Starting out with fancy dress costume commissions, alterations and home furnishings. I worked in my spare room for a few years and then got myself a workshop - a dream come true. 

I have created many different things for my wonderful customers, designing and making wedding dresses and celebration outfits, re-lining winter coats, producing waistcoats, shirts and even boxer-shorts for discerning gentlemen. I've copied favourite skirts, and tailored suits to fit perfectly. And of course I've helped people furnish their homes with curtains, blinds and cushions. I've guided people when choosing fabrics and colours, giving advice and creating just the right thing to compliment and frame interiors.

I've even mended and re-stuffed favourite teddy bears and created special toys for special days.

But I'm at my absolute happiest when creating my original designs and ideas - my collection. The spring/summer of 2020 gave me some space to play and from that time I created my Blanket Coat. It was a real turning point for me, my confidence in myself grew and I have kept making those ideas into the clothes I dream of, and people love them. This is pure joy for me, and why I continue to sew. 

My latest projects

Ongoing Projects

Dec 2022 collection of Blanket Coats

Blanket Collecting & Bespoke Coats

I'm constantly on the hunt for beautiful blankets to create more of my blanket coats from. My coats are a real passion of mine and I hope to keep the classic cut of them, but continue to tweek them with small subtle changes. 

If you have a blanket that you would like me to make one of my coats from please get it touch. I have plenty of colourful offcuts that I can use to create the smaller pattern parts if you want to add in a variety of colour.

The blankets need to be around a double bedspread size for a petite coat or more generally a king size bed blanket will easily create a coat medium, or large and possibly make a hat too!

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