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Sewing Workshop

A long overdue update!

Wow, a lot of time has passed since my last update. I've moved my workshop - that look a little while at the start of the year and was very disruptive. Google isn't being exactly helpful by not verifying my new address so do get in touch if you're due to come and see me and need any clarification.

The autumn 2023 pop-up was a great success, many happy owners of new s.mac.d coats! I was so pleased. I met some great people, as I always do. I had a lot of guys coming in asking if I made coats for men, and I have been meaning to for a couple of this is the year! I'm just in the pattern drafting stage and am very excited for what is to come. I have some greens, browns, beiges, checked and patterned blankets to work from, and of course all of my colourful off-cuts from previous years to incorporate if they work.

My new studio is coming along, I think it'll take me a while to get it set up how I want it but I had so much work to get on with once I'd moved that I didn't get much of a chance. It's a bit smaller than my last space so I've got to maximise it. I'm sharing the whole building with my beloved partner who is an amazing woodworker/cabinet maker, and also dabbles in ceramics and is incredible at that too. We've got tons of outside space so it's an improvement overall from where I was.

I've made some of the biggest curtains I ever have and quite a few roman blinds since my previous update. 


And I've got plenty of ideas for my next round of making. I'm determined too. What this space... (and hopefully I'll find more time to update with news regularly)

The pop-up is only 12 days away! Things are going well on the coat front ---I'm extremely excited to share the coats with the world! I've gone bold. All the other things I would love to make for the shop are running a little behind.

I've struggled this year to find a balance between making for the shop and getting customers work done. It's always a tricky thing to manage but hopefully I can dedicate a lot more of next week to the making and then I'll be on course for a full shop full of colourful creations! And if not, it'll still be great.

On another note, I'm now booking in work for February. I have a long list of jobs on the work list this autumn/winter - mainly everyone getting cosy and wanting to keep those draughts out of their homes. Do get in touch with me with any enquires and I'll happily discuss requirements and quotes. 

And I'm still not taking on alterations unfortunately.

So, I hope to see lots of people visit the shop between 13th and 18th Nov - I'll be leaving early on the Saturday but a good friend of mine, Sappho, will be taking over running the shop for the afternoon and will have her beautiful jewellery for sale. Check out her Instagram below:



Time has flown this year. I've been doing heaps of making, plenty of curtains, cushions, bespoke requests and some dressmaking!


I'm still asked to do alterations occasionally, but unfortunately I can't take them on any more. They are often very time intensive and many people who come to me can't see the worth in paying for my time to amend garments when they can buy another so cheaply. Part of the problem with the fast fashion world is that clothes are not made to be altered, as they once were, so altering can take a lot more time and cost more than the original garment. 

Very excitingly I am hosting another POP-UP at Studio Nine on Totnes High Street Monday 13th Nov - Saturday 18th Nov !!!! So I'm busy making more coats, and ambitiously trying to add in my trouser and waistcoat designs. I'm currently behind because I've been ill and had to take some time off but when I get back to that studio the stitches will be flying! 

I will add photo's when everything is made and more info about shop opening hours nearer the time. I sometimes remember to post things on Instagram too, so follow me on there for more updates and pics xx


To share some news - I've been scrambling to get my new website together. I made some rookie mistake on my previous website (tech not being my first language) and somehow 'took it down'. So here is my new website! 

I'm still working on it but needed to get something up and my presence online in full swing again. 

I'll be adding photographs and text as I go but for now, hooray, I'm back. 

I am currently working with some wonderful fabric to make a client a Roman Blind and some double pinch pleat curtains - will update with photos as soon as they are completed and delivered.


Please get in touch with any enquires, I am already receiving messages through the contacts page which is reassuring, you can also email me of course, or telephone.

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